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I: General Information…
* What is your REAL Name?
Stevie Marie Wilkes.
* Were you named after anyone?
Stevie Nicks.
* Are you happy with your given name?
Completely and utterly.
* Do you wish on stars?
* Do you like your handwriting?
* What is your birth date?
July 21st 1985.
* Are you a daredevil?
I'm a theoretical daredevil- I need some reassuring when it's reality.
* Do looks matter?
* Do you have a written journal?
eleven so far.
* Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
Only hightop chuck's.
* What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
My self-indulgent ruinous ways, and my lack of nerve when it's cloudy.
* What color is (has) your hair (been)?
Dirty Blonde, Black & Neon Pink, Black and Maroon, Red, Platinum Blonde, light brown.
* Eye Color?
* What would your last meal be?
A BIG lobster roll and LOTS of french fries, and a thing of coleslaw on the side (even though I hate it, and wouldn't eat it), served with a long island iced tea, heavy on tequilla, gin, and ice-- with limitless ice cream for dessert (preferably peppermint stick) and black coffee.
* What living person would you want to meet?
Steve Buscemi.
* What dead person?
Virginia Woolf & W.B. Yeats, or Oscar Wilde & Baudelaire.
* Where in the world would you live if you could?
Russia, Ireland, England, France, Louisiana... anywhere in Europe, or the Bayou.
* What age is your favorite so far in your life?
17 was pretty great.
* If you could live in a store which one would it be?
Borders. An old-fashioned Borders. Any cozy book store would do, but Border's has exceptional coffee.
* What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten and hated?
Pork Chops, I know they're not weird, but I hate them SO much.
* What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten and liked?
* What is your favorite thing to do?
Listen to music and write, or go to the beach and read, or meander in the woods. I suppose listening to music WHILE at the beach or in the woods reading or writing is best.
* Do you know how to change a tire?
I've never done it, but I know HOW.
* Have you ever gone to the bathroom in front of someone?
* What toy have you always wanted and never gotten?
Twister. HOW HARD IS THAT? I've STILL never played twister! C'mon, It's essentially a spinner and plastic wrap.
* How old were you when life was the hardest?
13 was awful. 19, 20, and 21 were all pretty wrough too.
* Do you still have your baby blanket?
No, I have my "green blanklett" I never had a baby blanket, I had a blankLETT.
What is your favorite TV show ever?
Happy Days, or Roseanne, or Clarissa Explains It All. I used to love Laverne and Shirley but when I found out they hated each other in real life I got very upset... oh! And Are You Afraid of the Dark, so good. I watch Prison Break religiously... and I adore Family Guy and The Winner.Oh, and I love The L Word. Dexter is great. I really dig Mad Men... I’m an idiot-- Six Feet Under is my favorite show ever.
* What character trait would you change about yourself?
* What are 5 Things You Can't Live Without?
1. Friends. 2. Family. 3. Writing. 4. Nathan 5. Music. (those in no particular order.)
* Do you have a completely irrational fear?
I am terrified of large inanimate objects near me in the water.
* What is the little physical habit that gives away your insecure moments?
I bite my nails, my lips, my cheeks.
I often shake.
* Do you know anyone famous?
Know them WELL? ...I don't think so... although I once ate midtown's pizza crust, and I've met Adam Lazzara, and made fun of the lead singer of Receiving End of Sirens to his face.
* Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?
* What's the one language you want to learn?
French. I know a lot, but I'd like to be fluent.
* Do you have tattoos?
I have one.
* What's one trait you hate in a person?
I hate anyone boring or pretentious. Unoriginal fucks. I hate righteous people.
I love boring tedious subjects; what I hate is boring tedious people.
I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better than anything in the world! (Both O.W.)
* Do you prefer to stand out or blend in?
I like to blend in with people who stand out.
* What do you believe is the meaning of life?
It’s all about the intensity because this is the end of it all.

II: Pertaining to Music…
* What are you listening to right now?
“Lucky Denver Mint” by Jimmy Eat World.
* What song do you identify with most?
“A Better Daughter/Son" by Rilo Kiley.
* What song is your favorite?
“Flying at Tree Level” by Brand New.
* What song is the most all-around perfect?
“Angeles” by Elliott Smith.
* What song is the most beautiful musically?
“When the Angels Play Their Drum Machines” by Hefner.
* What song is the most beautiful lyrically?
“Pictures in an Exhibition” by Death Cab for Cutie.
* What song makes you the saddest?
“Kill” by Jimmy Eat World.
* What song makes you the happiest?
“Just like Heaven” by The Cure.
* What song fixes everything?
“One-Eighty By Summer” by Taking Back Sunday.
* What song is your favorite to dance to?
“Shake it Up” by The Cars.
* What song is your favorite to dance to in the car?
“Start Wearing Purple” by Gogol Bordello.
* What song is a typical-day soundtrack?
“Ice Cream” by The New Young Pony Club.
* What song do you listen to most lately?
“At The Bottom” by Brand New (as of 10/18/09).
* What song is your favorite to cry to?
“Hopeless” by The Wrens.
* What song makes you fall in love?
“Existentialism on Prom Night” by Straylight Run.
*What song breaks your heart?
“Lost Cause” by Beck.
* What is your favorite single line from a song?
“I beg my god to speak, and tear me apart.”

III: Pertaining to Movies…
* Which movie do you wish was your life?
I'd have to say the Royal Tenenbaums. Wait, wait, this is way more logical than it is pretentious- check it out: I'd be Gwyneth Paltrow (duh), and I would be rich, brilliant, live in the city, be married to Bill Murry, Have a fling with Owen Wilson, AND have Luke Wilson's undying affection. FIND A FLAW.
* What movie could you watch over and over again?
SLC Punk I've seen that about 8,000 times, The Breakfast Club I kept track til the 100th time for real, The Royal Tenenbaums never gets old, Natural Born Killers because I love the magic between Juliette Lewis and Woody Haroldson, The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys oh those Culkins, Cyrano de Bergerac, which I am SOOO glad I stole from the SHS library, but lately it's just Capote when I'm alone, and Supertroopers when I've got company.
* Favorite line from a movie?
"Not as low as fucking your own sister." ~The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys ooooor "ATTICAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! ATTICAAAA!!!!!" ~Dog Day Afternoon or “Only posers die, you fucking idiot!” ~SLC Punk. "Then why'd you try to fuck him like a bitch, Brett?" ~Pulp Fiction. “You cannot find peace by avoiding life.” ~The Hours. “To become immortal... and then die.” ~A Baut de Souffle. "The truth is, I lied." ~An Ideal Husband.
* Who would play you in a movie?
Drew Barrymore. I do a pretty good impression of her. In my head that means she could do one of me. Plus a lot of people hate her, and a lot of people like her. We are similar in this way.
* If you could marry someone from a movie (the character not actor) then who?
Sonny Wortzik (Al Pacino) in Dog Day Afternoon. I just want to make him happy...

IV: Pertaining to Love & Sex…
* Who do you miss most?
The Scarecrow.
* Who was your first crush?
Dave Caposi, the bassist of Edgemere, my dad's band. He was so dreamy, and he could balance my playschool slide on his chin.
* Do you have a crush right now?
a better question would be, when was the last time I did NOT have a crush?
* Who was your First Kiss?
Turner, Sixth Grade Summer, spin the bottle in the sand box.
* Have you ever been in love?
* Who was your first love?
Nathan Wilkes.
* Do you have too many love interests?
* What is your bed like?
Simple bed frame, with 500 thread count silver sand sheets, and a beautiful Chocolate comforter, big and feather soft all over.
* How many sex toys do you have and which is your favorite?
Jesus Enid!
* When did you lose your virginity and did you regret it?
6 days shy of my 18th birthday- not in the least.
* Where is the most public place you have ever had sex?
The Beach... or a Public Restroom, or a car, or my back yard, or my friend’s back yard, the woods. I love the great outdoors.
* Do you have a fetish?
“Do you like to hurt? I do, I do—then hurt me.”

V: Either, Or…
* Red OR pink?
* Scary Movies OR Happy Endings?
Scary movies, ALWAYS.
* Summer OR Winter?
* Hugs OR Kisses?
* Rolling Stones OR Beatles?
It's ELVIS or the Beatles. but, The Beatles.
* Rain OR Shine?
* Night OR Day?
* Hot OR Cold?
* Prose OR Poetry?
Poetry, it's all poetry if it's done right.

VI: Favorites…
* What is your favorite lunch meat?
Balogna! (Or Tuna, or Lobster... but I don't know if those count.)
* What is your favorite Drink?
Irish Car Bomb is ideal, but if I'm ordering, I'm ordering a gin'n'tonic on the rocks with two lime wedges.
* What is your favorite Science word?
* What are your favorite Smells?
Autumn, boy, carnivals, fairly clean lake water, summer, first snow, rain when it's warm out, fresh brewed coffee, old books, Gardenias, pipes, good cookin'.
* What are your favorite Sounds?
October Rain... when the leaves are still crispy. The un-sound of snow falling, And obviously music... specially blaring by the pool, or blaring in the club, or blaring in the car, or blaring in my room...
* What is your favorite Place You’ve Traveled to?
The Dominican Republic, France, or Hawaii, MUNCY (haha), or Oregon, and I'd be a liar if I said Disney World didn't make the list.
* What is your favorite curse word?
* What is your favorite regular word?
I know it's not a bigg'un but I really like twinkle. All forms. Noun, verb, adverb, adjective. whatever, I love it.

VII: Complete the Thought…
* My uncle once:
threatened to lock me in the weird manhole/dungeon thing in his back yard.
* Never in my life:
will I be satisfied.
* When I was five:
I was the oh-so-adorable mascot of a semi-famous rock band.
* High School was:
the smell of musty auditoriums, and music and secrets in the dark.
* I will never forget:
anyone I have loved.
* Once, at a bar:
I drank six pitchers of beer with twelve french kids I hardly knew, while Kasia got felt up by Damien, and the band sang the rolling stones all night with very VERY thick accents.
* Next time I go to church:
I will NOT whistle along with the great amen.
* You know I'm lying when:
You'll never know when I'm lying.
* You know I like you if:
I act stupid around you.
* My ideal breakfast is:
* The world could do without:
People lacking passion, or Imposing passion. Inspire, do not impose.
* I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than:
go deaf.
* If I do anything well, it's:
fake it.
* Take my advice, never:
let them see you cry.

One last marquee for old time's sake ok?
The most profound lyrics of all time... let's see...

I believe in the sand beneath my toes. The beach gives a feeling; an earthly feeling. I believe in a faith that grows, and the four right chords can make me cry! When I'm with you I feel like I could die and that would be alright. Alright...
~Everyone's favorite late 90's shit-band.

It's been fun... so long.
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