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It's all about the ...i.n.t.e.n.s.i.t.y... [entries|friends|calendar]

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(Think I'm just bad news?)

No one livejournals anymore. [05 May 2015|09:30am]
That's right.
I made it a verb.
I verbed it.

and I don't care, that no one is here.

I miss having a somewhat social media that doesn't tell me how many characters with which to express myself.

And I don't like putting my better-thoughts on Facebook.

I don't want my better-thoughts to go viral. They're mine.

So, I'll put them in here from now on. That's where they belong.

In an lj app. Livejournal to-go.

(46 liars |Think I'm just bad news?)

...l.o.c.k.e.d... [21 Jul 2010|11:11pm]
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